Overview of Certification Process

There are only five basic steps to achieving certification.

  1. Confirm Your Eligibility
  2. Register & Pay Online
  3. Take Written Exams
  4. Take Practical Exams
  5. Receive Certification
After you have confirmed your eligibility, simply click the Registration tab and the system walks you through the process. Once registered, you will take a written exam and a practical exam. It is essential to register for your written or practical exams before taking them, otherwise they will not be scored, and you will have to then register and go back to take the exams over again. After passing the exams, you will be sent your Crane Institute of America Certification card.

The Crane Operator Candidate Handbook and Signal Person & Rigger Candidate Handbook include information on Eligibility and the steps and requirements for individuals applying for and taking Crane Institute Certification exams (initial and recertification). The Policies and Procedures Document describes the processes and the guidelines that CIC follows in administering exams and operating as a business, with oversight by the CIC Governing Committee and Advisory Board.